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  1. vor ort/ on site. interactive sound sculpture in Studio 106,  LA, USA. Supported by CEC Artslink.  


    tools: 49 cardboard boxes 14' x 14' x 10', 49 cardboard boxes 4' x 4' x 4', wooden beads. 49 Servo motors, Microcontrollers, photocells. glue, screws, wires.

  2. cats cradle. interactive sound installation. 2016. beyond the lines art show. los angeles, usa
    team: eldar tagi and pozdnyakova lena ( the2vvo) + dillon bastan


    tools: wooden base, wooden poles, rubber bands, wires, pressure sensors, arduino, sound processing software, speakers

  3. plastic ocean/ plastic forest. interactive noise sculpture. 2016. los angeles, usa
    team: eldar tagi and pozdnyakova lena ( the2vvo) 


    tools: wire frame, board, plastic zip ties, piezo microphones, audio interface, computer ( + ableton), audio speakers 

  4. invisible wall. interactive sound installation. nairobi, kenya.
    team: eldar tagi and pozdnyakova lena ( the2vvo)


    tools:ableton, maxmsp, maxuino,microcontrollers,sensors, wires,installation materials: metal truss wire and bolts, black fabric

  5. bauhausfest 2014. dessau.germany.

    collaborative art project: kosmos exhibition. Consisted of 4 large scale installations, 4 sound pieces, 3 video art pieces.
    team: pozdnyakova Lena, eldar tagi, giulia albarello, maria jose rubira, andjela brasanac, laurian ghinitoiu, nina pethu, charles gonzales, esteban rivera, mariia kolodyazhna, tommy simpson, alexander kalachev.
    photographs by laurian ghinitoiu.
    installation 1: tools: transparent plastic spheres, elements of nature ( branches, leaves, flowers etc), metal truss wires, bolts, black fabric, software for audio:ableton, maxmsp, audio recorder, also written text, and audio samples, fabric, trussed wires, projectors, video material, smoke machine, stage lighting system,plastic balls, fishing wire,podium board covered with mirror panel, top board covered with mirrored foil, metal structure to hold the top board
    dimensions zone 1:  approx 75 sq m; dimensions zone 2:around 100 sq m space; dimensions zone 3: 60 cm wide, 2 m high and 1.5 m long.

  6. the garden of digital birds. sound installation in nature. mountains of almaty, kazakhstan. team: eldar tagi and lena pozdnyakova (the2vvo)


    tools:ableton, maxmsp, field recordings.

  7. nature2numbers. video art piece. almaty.kazakhstan. team: lena pozdnyakova and eldar tagi ( the2vvo)


    tools: ableton, maxmsp, branches, bits of soil, small stones, leaves, flowers; lightbox and webcam connected to computer. for audio: recorder, and field recordings from the site.

  8. soundvisualcollage. live sound art and video art performances at several events: 'in them museum' art exhibition ( almaty, kazakhstan, 2015); 'substation' event (almaty, kazakhstan, 2015). team: lena pozdnyakova and eldar tagi (the2vvo)


    Sound art: electric guitar, synthesizers, computer ( maxmsp, ableton). Video Art: lightbox, webcam, computer ( maxmsp), small elements for experiments ( paper, foil, fabric, lace, paint, magazine cuts, sticks)


  9. thelook. exhibition in dessau. germany. 2013
    lena pozdnyakova: curated and exhibited pieces and artistic research. eldar tagi -video and sound. group exhibition
    tools:video work : maxmsp, ableton, film extracts, video recordings. Other works: ready made objects, built sculptures, prints, photographs 

  10. melting glaciers. art installation in central asia: kazakhstan, uzbekistan, kyrgystan, tajikistan.
    collaborative project: pozdnyakova lena, eldar tagi, yevgenyi kolokolnikov.
    tools: computer based video and sound: Ableton, Maxmsp, field recordings and video extracts. Installation: wooden core, fabric, bolts, one photograph. Other equipment: remote control, old tv, cell phone, speakers etc.